monster bait + anubis request!

Hey guys! I'm sure this has been done before, but could anyone make me an icon for Monster Bait: Bigger Critters? I'm looking for something with a beastie of basically any sort, so long as it looks at least a little menacing. Anything from mythology could qualify. (: Bared fangs would be awesome. I just realized I'm addicted to the stuff and wanted something to post with every time I wanted to babble about it, haha.

And while I'm at it, I'd love an Anubis icon, if someone hasn't already done one. (:

Thanks in advance!

jk bae

iso: Someone who'd be really nice and make me a bpal icon

amber = bad

Like everyone else, there are some bpal notes that I dont really like or just dont work out for me...

But, for me, AMBER RESIN is a completely different story.

This one resin (which used to be my absolute fav a decade ago) does NOT work with my chemistry at all anymore. Absolutely lovely perfumes in the vials, turn into B.O. on my skin because of this amber. And I know for a fact that it's the amber. Last week I found my old 100ml bottle of pure antiqued amber resin that I'd misplaced years ago, and tried it on. Sure enough: pure antiqued B.O. :-[

Sooo... I now have to avoid this note completely and am looking for help from someone who can modify this "the scream" icon [see my user icon picture] with a cute little message flash saying something like: "OH NOES! THIS BPAL HAZ AMBER IN IT!" followed by an ill looking smiley of some sort.

Does anyone know someone who can make this icon for me?